Chapter Twenty-One: Dreams


     Ever since I was young, I've had a dream of teaching art to kids. As I grew older, I adapted that dream into having my own kids and doing art with them, and teaching them everything I know. Dreams of the future and all the things I want to be doing, the family I want to have, and the job I want to be doing are what help me get through every tough time I have. Today I asked everyone what their dream occupation is. A whopping 41 people responded. That was the best turnout I've gotten so far! I really love the responses I got. There were so many different occupations mentioned, and some of them I already knew about those people, but I was completely surprised by others. I'm not even going to separate them into categories, because there was such a wide range.

     The first answer I received was from a good friend of mine, who said she'd love to have and run her own farm and live in a remote part of New Hampshire or Maine, and be content in life. I'd say that sounds like a pretty awesome dream. Someone else agreed with her, and then another person said she would like to run a rescue farm. I think it would be pretty cool to run your own farm. Definitely a lot of work, but still pretty cool.
     Another person said she would want to be a young adult fantasy author. The next one was a singer. Someone else said she wants to own and run her own bakery. I've also toyed with that idea before. I would totally love to have my own bakery and just bake all day and create things. The next person said "Whatever the Kardashians do. Just be hot and rich and famous." Then someone said she wants to be a photographer and special effects makeup artist. A few other people also said photographer. A friend of mine said he wants to be a conservationist and "protect the ecosystem from the destructive force that is mankind." Then there was an aspiring surgeon, an interpreter for American Sign Language, a party planner, and a plumber (who is already very successful at fulfilling her dream so far). Another friend said her dream is to open a doggie-daycare, and it's in her 10-year plan.

     Someone else said she would want to be either an astrophysicist OR an interior decorator (why not do both?!). Then there was a friend who wanted to live in Africa and take care of exotic animals, and another who wants to work with reptiles. The next one was a maternity nurse, a police officer, a juvenile probation officer, a few teachers, a veterinarian, a therapist, and a Disney World employee. My brother wants to be an investor and "have so much money I invest in others dreams and just get to screw around until I see returns on investments." Then there was an animal psychologist, a forensic account, a master brewer, and a pastry chef. My friend Kim said she wants to be a writer and photographer for National Geographic. My dad said he wants to be a hitman or a supermodel. I wonder which one he'd do better at? A family member said she would like to be a late night jazz radio DJ. My friend said he would like to be a talk show host or panelist because he would love to sit on stage and argue his opinion with people. And I think he would be absolutely perfect at it. Others just found their calling in whatever they were already doing.  A friend who is an appliance salesman said he would love to be an appliance salesman. Another friend who is in customer service/retail said she thinks it's perfect for it. And that's awesome!

     There were so many responses to this that it was overwhelming. I found it kind of hard to post about all of them because I don't know jack about most of them. But that's the beauty of it! Everybody has their purpose in life, and their dreams that keep the hope alive enough for them to find it. Not everything is for everyone. That is a complicated sentence yet very simple all at the same time, and yes I realize that. It's okay that some people want to be something that involves math or science and you think that's completely boring. It's fine that people want to get their hands dirty at their job, whether literally or figuratively, but you aren't into that kind of work. Everyone has their own hopes and dreams that they want to see come to fruition. The thing we need to realize is, that whether you aspire to be an astronaut traveling to the moon, or a dog groomer, or a professional pencil sharpener, every single job is important, and there will always be someone dying to be doing that job. So don't knock people's dreams. They are what keep us going.


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